The Mini Longboard

Sure, it's a contradiction. But that doesn't mean it isn't accurate. This compact, 19-inch board rides on longboard trucks. The 10-inch wheel span gives greater stability and a smoother ride. The compact board is easy to maneuver and easy to carry when riding isn't an option.

So maybe we should just call the short longboard a shortboard. Or, a board. Either way, the board built with high quality components and comes ready to ride, right out of the box.

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Easy to Ride Mini Longboard

The small size and stable wheel base make the Summit Board easy to ride, no matter your age or experience. Easy handling makes it a blast for more experienced riders to gain speed and make tight turns.  Whether you need a kids longboard or a cruiser skateboard, Summit Board suits everyone. More about the board.

Bold Designs

The 7-ply mini longboard is comprised of maple for strength and resilience. This is topped with bamboo and high quality heat-transferred graphics. Designs that make a great kids skateboard or cruiser skateboard. These cruiser skateboards are designed to look as good as they ride. 

Quality Component Cruiser Skateboard

Higher quality components make a higher quality ride mini longboard. This cruiser skateboard features 7 inch alloy trucks carry 78A wheels. ABEC-11 bearings ensure a smooth ride at any speed.