Caring For Your Mini Longboard

Caring For Your Mini Longboard

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We love our skateboards, but in as much as we love them, we sometimes fail to treat them by how we feel. Consciously or unconsciously, we have made the veranda the resting place of our cruiser skateboard (that’s if not somewhere outside the garden). This carelessness of ours has permitted the dew and sun to fall directly on our lovely skateboard, thereby causing its decks to be warped and the woods softened.

There is so much gain in taking care of your mini longboard. The most important part of this is that it will serve us well and last its expected lifespan. Isn’t that great?

To know how to show your skateboard the love you have for it, it’s simple. Just do these:

  1. Never leave your skateboard outside

This will not be a big deal if you live in an area where things get stolen almost immediately after being left out. Well, if you are not, you have to learn. Keeping your skateboard indoors does not only keep it safe from thieves; it preserves it from the endangering effects of morning dew.

The wooden part of your skateboard absorbs moisture even when it is not exposed directly to rain. This moisture can be damaging to your deck, weakening the wood and causing warping. And if this moisture by any reason whatsoever reaches your bearings, then you will go through a horrible experience.

Your bearings can still be at risk if your skateboard stays in a dusty environment. Bearings just don’t work well with dust. You will not also get any good by leaving it under the sun. Since metals can expand with heat, the black grip tape and other metal parts of your skateboard will expand and contract when cooled. If this occurrence continues, the skateboard will begin to wear put.

  1. Always keep an eye on the bearings

You can never have a smooth ride with faulty bearings. Always ensure dust and moisture does not have access to your bearings. Take your time to clean your bearings regularly.

  1. Give more attention to the chips in the deck

It may be challenging to avoid a chip in the deck of your skateboard. This is because the board can accidentally runoff against a wall or pole, and the tail and nose will continue to wear out just as you ride.

Take your time to address the chipped part of the deck. If the chipped sections of the deck of your skateboard become rough, use sandpaper to smooth them. 

Also, if you notice tears or rips on you grip-tape, clip them so that the damage does not enlarge and become more significant.

  1. If a part is faulty, change it

Skateboards will wear out as long as they hit the ground and roll with you on them. This is inevitable. But to maintain your skateboard for as long as you would love to enjoy it, you will have to monitor the parts. If your wheels need a change, give it what it deserves. As long as that mini Longboard serves you, never deprive it of care.



If you love using your skateboard to skate, then adopt a habit of regular maintenance. Do ensure you stick to the rules above and you will be on your way to having a long-lasting skateboard.