Choosing a Skateboard for Kids

Choosing a Skateboard for Kids

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Almost every child needs a Mini-longboard or cruiser skateboard. Getting our kids to love the skateboarding isn’t always the problem; choosing the right one for them can be. Skateboards come in varying sizes and choosing the right one can save you the cost and save your kid from accidents.

The smallest kids may not always make good riders. Be sure they have good balance and physical control. However, if you have a kid that is old enough to ride, then you need this guide.

  1. Start with safety now.
    Don't make them get into the habit later. Teach your kids how to ride safely, and use the right safety equipment from day one. 
  2. Do you want a complete skateboard or can you assemble one yourself?Parents who know how to assemble skateboards don’t bother buying the complete one. They go to the store and get the parts and assemble because they know that the cost of getting the elements is not much compared to the cost of getting a complete one.

    Stick with quality components. Afterall, you want this to be a positive experience for the young rider.

  3. Check the parts before buying
    If you want to assemble the skateboard yourself, check the components to ensure they are okay together. Ensure the wheel fit the trucks well, and truck matches the width of the deck of the skateboard. Check for deck rubbing from the wheels on tight turns.

    It is also vital for you to determine the hardness of the wheels. If the wheels are harder, they will fit the smooth flat surfaces like the skate park, which has a concrete floor. The softer wheels suit the street and roads made of asphalt better.

  4. Compare the size of the board and age of the kid
    It is essential to select the right skating board for your kid. A child of 5 and 6 years will not use the same size of skateboard with a child of 8, 9, or even 12. When choosing a skateboard, ensure their foot is large enough to pivot the board in either direction. If a board is too wide, they wont be able to make turns efficiently.

  5. Avoid buying your kid’s skateboard from a big box store
    Ok, we are a bit biased here. But the fact is, skateboards in most big box stores are toys, not sporting equipment. The wheels can be very hard and unforgiving, coming to a dead stop when encountering the smallest pebble or crack on the sidewalk. The trucks are generally very rigid, making the board hard to control. 

    The bearings are usually quite inexpensive as well, which will require more force to ride. 

If you are successful, this will be just the first of many boards your kid will ride over the years. Take your time and find the skateboard that rides well, looks good, and gets your kid excited about embarking on this new sport.

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