Cruiser vs Longboard Skateboard

Cruiser vs Longboard Skateboard

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Skateboards started as just a wooden deck with trucks. As long as it rolls with a person on it, it was called a skateboard. Now there are skateboards of many shapes and sizes, each with an individual purpose.  Street boards, Cruiser skateboards, longboards and Mini Longboards are suited for a certain kind of skating. It is relatively common to mistake one for the other. This article is centered on helping you differentiate between the cruiser and longboard skateboards.


Cruisers are built mainly for short commutes. They just get you rolling but can’t go for the long distances. This skateboard is perfect for a trip to school. They are not so long to be called a longboard, and they are not designed for tricks like a traditional board. They have a somewhat portable size. There are some cruiser boards which have short decks, known as mini-cruiser boards. Cruiser boards have soft cruiser wheels and short decks. 


Longboard is the longer version of cruiser boards. The deck is extended and can go for long-distance skating like freeriding and downhill. Though it initially has soft wheels, some skaters may install hard wheels on them. These are ideal for control


Cruiser vs longboard

  • Wheels

Cruiser boards are mainly for rolling. They can run on a hard surface and do the basics. They are suitable for short commuters, but this is not so for the longboard. The longboard is more extended and has wider trucks and well angled wheeled. The wheels of a longboard make it more suitable for long-distance relationships like downhill.

  • Deck

There are differences between the cruiser and longboard. The floor of the cruiser boards are not as long as that of the longboard. The sizes of cruisers do not go longer than 32”, while 32” is just a starting point for a longboard.

The cruiser deck is pretty comfortable for the beginner to stand. They are of different shapes, so one has to be careful when choosing. There are also many deck styles for a longboard, but the most comfortable one for a beginner skater is the drop deck.

  • Trucks

The cruiser and longboard all have the bushings, hangars, baseplates and kingpins but their differences step in their manner of construction.

The cruiser board has the components of its truck arranged the normal way while the truck of the longboard is inverted. This arrangement is what allows the longboard to be easy to ride.

Also, unlike the cruiser boards, the longboard usually has wider trucks to fit the size of the board.

When to go for a cruiser

The cruiser is always a great idea when the distance is limited, and the ground is hard and plain. It is not so suitable for hilly areas. When the speed of a cruiser is high, it will begin to wobble and become unstable. Cruisers are best for safety since it will help you avoid vehicles and other obstacles.

When to go for the longboard

The longboard will be great for you if you have the mind for speed and tricks. It can crawl through the hilly areas, and it runs well downhill. However, this is not as great in a crowded environment as it will not be so easy to control the speed.

The Best of Both Worlds

The mini longboard combines the size of a cruiser with the agility of a longboard. Using longboard inverted trucks, the mini longboard excels at short distances and longer rides. See all of our mini longboards today.