How to Adjust Your Skateboard Trucks

How to Adjust Your Skateboard Trucks

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Skateboards come with trucks that may need to be adjusted for the size and weight of the rider. These trucks are essential for a clean and smooth ride; they are the key to balance of any cruiser skateboard . Your trucks should be as tight as you want them; there is no standard for how tight a truck should be. If it is too tight, it will make it difficult to turn, and if it is too loose, it will make you feel unstable and make you unable to control your turns. The right amount of tightness will depend on your size, preference and style.

The following steps will guide you on how to adjust your truck or those on your kids longboard:

  1. Test their tightness by tilting them

Start by standing on the skateboard, and lean back and forth. If you can't tilt the deck at all, they are too tight. 

  1. Tighten the truck with a skate tool

There is a bolt at the middle of your truck. This bolt is responsible for the tightness of the truck. You will find it between the wheels; just look for the pin that points to the ground directly when you are skating. To tighten it, turn it clockwise; you should also go the reverse direction if you want to loosen it. We include a skate adjustment tool with every order to make this easier.

  1. Test the truck to be sure they are the way you want them

You can only know your wheels are comfortable riding the skateboard. Don’t hit the park just yet; ride around the house till you achieve the tightness that is suitable for you. After this adjustment, remember to carry your adjustment tools with you during the first few rides. This will help you make adjustments when necessary. A short distant ride is not the same as a farther one.

If your trucks still need to be adjusted

  1. Adjust the bushings

If your bushings are loosely packed, it will increase your turning, but when tightly packed, your turning will decrease. These bushings get compressed when you tighten your trucks; you can also get the same result if you completely change the bushings. If you are not so convinced of doing this correctly, get help from a local skate shop.

2. Attach risers to reduce vibrations and make your board higher

You can attach risers to your board and trucks to help you gain the lift or tricks you need. They will also reduce the vibrations on landings. These risers can be helpful for your Mini Longboard though will need some practice before you become used to them.