Trick Tutorial: Bomb Drops

Trick Tutorial: Bomb Drops

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A lot of people have noticed that our Summit boards lack a tale. This is because Summit boards are meant to reach high speeds and ride like a longboard. The reason we don’t have a tale on our board is because we want you to have more space for your feet, allowing you to better turn and slide on your board. However, with our small decks, it’s easy to understand why some would want to perform skateboard tricks on our boards. In this tutorial, we’re going to cover bomb dropping.

Some of you may remember the days of Mike Vallely, Danny Way, Jason Ellis, Kris Markovich, and MTV star Bam Margera. Twenty years ago, these skaters stunned crowds with their death-defying bomb drops. Before guys like Andy McDonald, Danny Way, and Bob Burnquist created Big Air skateboarding, bomb dropping was one of the best ways to gain speed. This trick is not only awesome, but possible to do on a Summit board.

Wear Gear!

Chances are, if you watched guys like Vallely and Margera skate, you saw some brutal bails. It could take several attempts before you successfully land a bomb drop, so it’s recommended that you not only wear your helmet, but elbow and knee pads. Remember, padding looks cooler than body casts.

The Bomb Drop

To perform this trick, we must first understand what it is. Bomb dropping (or acid dropping) is a technique that allows skaters to drop into banks and quarter pipes. Skaters climb onto the top of an object, jump off of it, and place their board under their feet. This allows skaters to drop from high objects, and ride away from ramps with higher speeds.  These surfaces could be railings, dumpsters, or walls. Advanced skaters can bomb drop for amazing places, so it’s important for skilled skaters to be creative when bomb dropping. 


There’s two steps to successfully landing a bomb drop: gaining control and committing. To help gain control, try mastering the caveman. To perform a caveman, stand on the ground and hold your board. Next, jump and try to put your board under your feet. This will help you put your board under your feet quickly. Also, try to caveman on slopes and ramps. This will help you become comfortable with bomb dropping.

It’s crucial for skaters to commit to landing their tricks. Even the best skateboarders get scared when attempting something dangerous. One way to practice is to try bomb dropping onto the grass. Use a wall or a picnic table to jump off of. This will help cushion your fall. When you move to concrete, start small. You don’t need to try anything extreme at first. 


Performing a Bomb Drop

Once you’ve gotten down the basics of bomb dropping, it’s time to put your skills to good use. Most skateparks and skate spots are filled with cool bomb dropping opportunities. Make sure that what you’re dropping off of and what you’re dropping onto are lined up. Also, make sure that your landing zone is clear. It’s cool to successfully bomb drop, but not as impressive to crash into the six-year old riding their scooter.