Why Inverted Trucks?

Why Inverted Trucks?

Summit Board Co

Picture this, you just got a new pair of trucks for your skateboard. Excited, you immediately throw off your old pair and put your new ones on. After, you go outside and start skating. However, there’s a major problem: your board isn’t turning well. That’s when you realize that you put your trucks on wrong. On a skateboard, your trucks face each other, with the kingpin toward the center of the board. This helps your board to ride comfortably, and it helps you pop more on your ollies. 

Over the past decade, longboarding has become a popular sport and means of transportation. With their large wheels, longboards are able to travel at high speeds. However, you may wonder why some longboards have inverted trucks. Although this may prevent your board from performing sharp turns, inverted trucks give your board stability. For one thing, longboard decks are spacious, so having less of a distance between your wheels stops your board from snapping in half. Even for flexible decks, it’s important to invert your wheels. This stops your board from riding too low to the ground, causing your board to touch concrete whenever you turn.

Also, inverting your trucks can help prevent speed wobbles. Longboards have huge trucks that are extremely sensitive. These trucks give your board speed and control. However, if you’ve ever ridden a longboard at high speeds (and lived to tell the tale) you may have noticed your board wobbling uncontrollably. This is a problem that doesn’t go away, but inverting your trucks can give you more control over your board and prevent wobbling. Although not having your trucks inverted allows your board to take sharper turns, it’s better to widen your turns than to eat concrete because of speed wobbles.

Like longboards, Summit Board trucks have large wheels and trucks. Although the deck is tiny, these boards are meant to go fast. Also, these boards take much sharper turns than longboards do. To give you more control over your board, we invert our trucks. This provides the smooth and stable ride you expect, in a short longboard board package.