We get it. Short longboard doesn't make sense. After all, isn't a short longboard just a... board? Longboards have some characteristics a traditional skateboard doesn't have. Besides the length, they have features such as wide trucks and wheels, soft rubber wheels for various terrain types, and high speed bearings. 

It turns out, what makes a longboard great is more about the running gear than the length. 

So we have borrowed the best of longboard design and shrunk it down into a compact 19" board. The result is a board that is stable, easy to ride, easy to learn, AND easy to carry and easy to store. 

It is a fun board that anyone can learn to ride with just a bit of practice. 

About Summit Board Co

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, we take skateboard design seriously. A board should look good AND ride well. All our boards are designed in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our parts and assembly is sourced throughout the world.